Thursday, July 30, 2009

Due Day

Well, here we are, July 30th. It's my due date, and no baby! I'm having plenty of the following:

- achy pelvis
- kicky baby down kinda low in pelvis
- crampy feeling, from kicking
- braxton hicks contractions of varying intensity
- neck/shoulder pain (possibly related, not sure)
- anxiety over not delivering before my scheduled c-section of evil.

The things I am *not* having are most of the signs they call actual preludes to labor. The increased intensity and frequency of the braxton hicks are the only textbook symptom I have. Otherwise all of it (I'll spare you guys the yucky details about what I am obsessively looking for) is just not happening!

What's very hard to remind myself is that anything and everything could just HAPPEN. What's even worse about knowing that is, every day when it DOESN'T happen, it's like I've wasted another day. You can tell I'm on an emotional roller coaster - I'm at once very anxious, very excited, and very disheartened, all at the same time. It's madness at my house I tell you!

And every so often I get a series of HUGE kicks in a row, making my stomach jump repeatedly, and it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. :) Well, I just thought anyone keeping up with this blog might want an update from me, since I am the world's worst at making phone calls!


SueWho said...

It sounds to me like your babe is getting more active again after a period of quiet and rest, which could be a prelude to labor! I predict you will go into labor sometime this weekend, but try to wait until after Em's triathlon.

EmLit said...

You don't have to wait until after my triathlon! Seriously, I agree with Mom, it sounds like all that activity means Luke is ready to get out of there. I know this is easier said than done, but keep in mind that you have plenty of time before that scheduled C-section, and you don't need to feel too anxious (yet) about whether or not you'll have to go that route. I'm sending birthing vibes (whatever those are?!) your way <3

zebeckras said...

You know, if Mom hadn't said that about your triathlon in this comment I would not have had ANY clue it was this weekend. Good luck Em! Just your doing it is something I will look upon in admiration. :D Also, meant to call last night, will try to call tonight :)