Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cannellini Bean Mash

This picture doesn't do this dish justice, because it looks pretty bland but it actually is really delicious. It's cannellini beans mashed with garlic-infused olive oil with lemon zest added to the olive oil. And what a great alternative to rice, potatoes, or pasta this is. I actually got this recipe from Nigella Lawson on the Food Network. Go here for the recipe. And don't let the part about the flash fried steak deter you from reading or using this recipe, because I just used the part of the recipe that called for the bean mash. It's extremely easy to make, and I added a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end. The result is a nice big dish of mashed comfort food - outstanding! You could probably add some fresh herbs or other seasonings if you have a mind to. But it's awesome without it. I didn't have to use any salt by the way - the lemon juice took care of that. Give it a try!


zebeckras said...

Mmm, I love cannellini beans. I think I've made a bean mash before and it was good; I seem to remember though that I might've made it in December, and almost everything I ate in December I couldn't eat a second time or it would make me sick (stupid morning sickness!) so the leftovers just sat in our fridge. ;) That looks sooooo good though.

EmLit said...

I love cannellini beans too! Actually, I love *most* beans. Do you have to get garlic-infused olive oil, or is it pretty easy to infuse it yourself?

SueWho said...

It says in Nigella's recipe how to do the oil - you "gently" warm olive oil with garlic and lemon zest. The heating process "infuses" the garlic flavor (and I guess the lemon zestiness too!). Tres easy (pardon my French).