Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kale + polenta = green polenta

Even though this blog is about green polenta, I have to get something off of my chest. I have some issues with the Food Network. For instance, I can't understand how some of their stars even have a show on the network, much less two shows. Case in point: Sandra Lee. What in the world is this woman doing with 2 shows on the Food Network? She belongs on some other network, such as DIY or House and Home-type networks or possibly even the Fox Network. Right up there with Glenn Beck. Get her off of the Food Network, please. Then there is the issue with the multitude of obese chefs. I think it's about time the Food Network started offering up some more programs with vegetarian meals and healthy-type menus, etc.
So imagine my surprise recently when I tuned into Guy's Big Bite, a program and personality that I for the most part abhor, to hear him proclaim that he was about to prepare green polenta. Green polenta, in case you haven't caught on, is polenta with pureed wilted kale added to it. I was intrigued and impressed. I watched his program, found the recipe, and prepared green polenta. Here's the recipe. In trying to keep to a certain limit regarding fat content, I decided not to use heavy cream or butter. I actually followed the recipe on the polenta package for making plain old polenta. I did, however, add a small touch of shredded Parmesan to the finished product. Topped with a nice helping of marinara sauce, this was absolute comfort food. Kudos to Guy - sometimes the ol' Guy can come up with something that even I approve of. Sorry that I don't have a picture - we ate it up too fast. After I made it, I realized that maybe having the heavy cream option makes your polenta more smooth and creamy with a consistency similar to oatmeal. Mine came out in the solid form, so that you have to slice it and pan fry it before you eat it. But it's so good that way! Try this recipe - it's easy and delicious.

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