Monday, July 21, 2008

Edamame Momma

Last night, I cooked with green soybeans for the first time in my life. Which means that I am not Edamame Momma yet, really; but maybe someday I will be. I made Green soybean and rice pilaf for dinner which is yet another eDiets recipe and therefore pretty bland. I added black pepper and Tabasco sauce but to no avail. Still bland. In spite of the blandness, it was fairly good and substantive. In addition to edamame and rice, it contained carrots, mushrooms, celery, and onions which sounds like a good recipe for mirepoix minus the herbs. Coincidentally, yesterday or the day before I noticed a new post on highlighting a recipe for Edamame soup . I briefly perused the recipe but didn't find any suggestions for other seasonings besides those which I had already used in my bland serving. On reflection, I think next time I make this soybean and rice pilaf I might use leeks instead of onions. Leeks have that little "edge" to them which might be what this dish needs. But then I would have to omit the celery possibly. I would also try adding another vegetable such as broccoli just to give it some extra substance and texture.
I am now finished with my 2d day of Week 2 in my running plan. Running for 90 seconds and walking for 120 seconds is not turning out to be too difficult except that I have immediately found that I need a good pair of running shoes. I already have a pre-injurious condition involving my left foot which I think is directly related to my shoes. Hopefully it will not prevent me from finishing this week. But if it does, what the heck? I've waited this long to take up running; so having to wait another few weeks certainly won't make any difference to me! I'm just astonished that I can actually run for 90 seconds without falling down dead and that I can do it repeatedly for 20 minutes. Who would have thought it possible?
Until next time.


EmLit said...

I added a teeny tiny but of salt to the leftovers (as in less than one twist of that salt mill we have) and that really brought out some flavor! Too bad you have to add sodium to make it less bland :(

Binx said...

It's not bad to add salt-- it's supposed to bring out flavor. Just don't over use it. Lately I've been cooking without salt and adding it to taste before eating. I think you use a lot less that way.

SueWho said...

generally, that's what I do too. in fact, I did not add any salt to this recipe prior to eating it.

zebeckras said...

I love edamame! I don't think Dan cares for them but sometimes I get a bag of frozen ones and have been known to eat them while frozen. Ewww. But they're so gooood. I don't think on their own they need any seasonings, but if you're going to use them in a dish I can see it needing some salt, since they're not the most intensely-flavored little things out there.