Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dairy- and soy-free life for me

Due to babies with sensitive tummies, I am completely off dairy for the next seven months or perhaps longer. And for the next week or so I'm told to avoid soy as well - then I can reintroduce it and see what happens. The end result here is that I'm at a loss as to what to eat most of the time! I mean , whole foods obviously - but that's such a lot of work that I'd love to find good snackie things that are soy and dairy free... and man, there is pretty much nothing. All-wheat crackers are about it... ohand Clif nectar bars which are all friut and nuts.

The big benefit of this is, WOW to healthy eating! Talk about being forced into eating your fruit and veggie requirements. ;) But I hope I get soy back. I don't even get many options for margerine. Anyone who knows of good soy-free options, pls let me know!

The downside is that if Luke's tummy troubles don't clear up soon, I may have to stop breastfeeding. :P But we're being optimistic!


SueWho said...

One snack that might be soy- and dairy-free is hummus which could go well with a lot of stuff, such as triscuit-type crackers and of course the ever-present veggies. Plus, you can get different flavors of hummus which at least gives you a little variation every now and then. I hope you can at least get back to having soy in your diet soon!

zebeckras said...

Only problem with hummus is that I think it might be in among the "gas-causing" foods like beans and broccoli etc, which I am also avoiding, at least until he's 3 months old and all the plumbing tightens up a bit.

I wish there were cookies or something! They all have soy lecithin in them. On the one hand, I don't really *need* cookies, but on the other this is a point when I actually do need the extra calories since breastfeeding uses something like 500 to 700 calories a day. Plus I'm trying to get some activity in again. So I might just as well eat some damn cookies. ;) And there are no cookies to be found!

SueWho said...

there probably are cookies somewhere, but they probably taste awful! I guess we are just going to have to bake you something that fits all the necessary requirements!