Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pantry Staples Revisited

A short while ago, one of my daughters posted here about Pantry Staples. I would like to add my thoughts about pantry staples here because I think personally that these pantry staples should be everyone's pantry staples. The items I have listed here go a long way towards adding flavor, and should always be on hand.

Lemons - limes can be substituted for a slightly different twist.
Soy sauce - use low-sodium; soy sauce has so much flavor, and you really do not need the added sodium.
vegetable broth - again, low sodium works well. You don't need the sodium when you have the full flavor of the veggie broth which is so much better than just plain water.
vinegar - preferably apple cider vinegar, but you can try any variety. Go easy on balsamic, however. It has a lot of acidity.
capers - I don't know what these little buggers are but yum, they give a nice little kick when added with lemon juice. And just a small jar goes a long long way.
Roasted red peppers - chop them up and add them to rice, vegetables, or whatever and you've got a blast going on! They're great!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. But I think that's a good start to a well-stocked pantry of flavor.


EmLit said...

Haha, I sort of feel like this post is directed at me since I am lacking all these pantry staples (as you saw this past weekend!) I will work on improving my staple supply :)

SueWho said...

I wouldn't say it is "directed" at you since that has a negative connotation and I by no means meant anything negative. I had fun cooking with you, and the food we made was really good. The post was more "inspired" by you and the conversation we had about cooking and blogging while at your apartment this weekend. I thought it would be a good idea if I, as a mother, imparted some of my cooking wisdom (??) to my daughters since you are the only ones who read this blog anyways.